Uniform nomenclature directory of goods, works and services (ENC TRU) - qualifier of goods, works and services used by more than 250 organizations of JSC «Samruk-Kazyna» and public institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for planning, accounting and analysis of purchasing processes. Application of ENS TRU allows:

·         To unify the list of names of goods, works and services;

·         To provide a necessary level of accounting, monitoring and analysis of purchases and development of local content;

Development and maintenance of the directory is supported by LLP «Samruk-Kazyna Contract" within realization of JSC «National Welfare Fund «Samruk-Kazyna» policy on improvement of procurement process.

The basis for directory ENS TRU is a production Qualifier by types of economic activity (KPVED) according to which since 2009 procurement plans of state bodies and organizations of the Fund were formed. All reporting concerning procurements of the Fund and its subsidiaries, including consolidated, was formed and delivered to government bodies based on KPVED. However, in view of enlargement of positions, its use as a qualifier of goods, works and services caused a certain complexity as the nomenclature of the positions acquired by organizations of the Fund is very wide and their aggregated account resulted in difficulties in adoption of administrative decisions.

In this regard, in 2012 JSC "Samruk-Kazyna" introduced a Uniform nomenclature directory of goods, works and services, with a more detailed classification of purchased items. With the development and implementation of the directory in the procurement system of the Fund, it became possible to address such issues as combining and comparing data from different customers, suppliers and other sources of information in order to achieve a more precise definition of Holding organizations' needs for types of purchased goods, works and services. Besides, it became possible to apply a series of effective measures to reduce costs.

Based on positive experience of ENS TRU application in group of companies of the Fund, since 2013 the directory has been introduced into the system of government procurement of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2013 ENS TRU directory was supplemented by data of a system of classification of building materials, products and engineering equipment of the  Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and data of state register of medicines of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 2014 work on introduction of national and interstate standards, in particular commodity positions, into ENS TRU has begun.

In 2015 the Information system "ENS TRU" was upgraded, this upgrade included transition to a 30-digit code and actions for normalization of data in the directory.


Goals and objectives:

-  Creation of integrated information system based on the uniform qualifier;

-  Statistics and analysis of requirement of goods, works and services;

-  Analysis of planned requirements in quantitative and total expression of certain goods, work or service, with a possibility of the conclusion of long-term contracts and development of local content;

-  Monitoring of prices of goods, works and services;

-  Unification of names of goods, works and services for the account system;

-  Identification of industries with the greatest deficit in goods, which will allow to plan opening of new production.


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